Durham County Poets - Canadian Blues Band - Saturday, June 1, 2024 at 7:00 pm


Hubbard Hall Mainstage
Tickets: $30 for Adults, $15 Students 21 and Under

Durham County Poets are a “band” in the truest sense of the word! Check out their live performance of "Out of the Woods"!

It all started in a small café in Ormstown, Quebec. The band continued to percolate and spread onto the Canadian music scene, allowing them to tour across Canada and on into the United States. Each member writes and arranges, and brings something unique to the table. You’ll hear a variety of genres and a broad range of styles. Be it Blues, Soul, Folk, R&B or Gospel, it all weaves seamlessly together to create a truly authentic contemporary Canadiana sound. Check out their music here.

“Lead singer Kevin Harvey and his band are sonic shape shifters of the first order. Whether it’s blues, folk, soul, country, gospel, or New Orleans swing, they purvey it with skill, aplomb and pure honesty.” – Nate Dow, Fallout Shelter, Massachusetts 

Click here to view short bios for each performer. 

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