Grant's Ghost - Sunday, November 20 at 2:00 pm


Written and produced by Warren Schultz 
A World Premiere

Friday, November 18 at 7:30pm; Saturday-Sunday, November 19-20 at 2pm 
$25 Adults, $10 Students up to 18.  
Sponsored in part by LARAC and Hubbard Hall

It is the summer of 1885 and Ulysses S. Grant is dying of throat cancer. He and his family have moved into an upstate cottage to seek relief from the heat of New York City. Grant is struggling to finish his memoirs under guidance of his editor, Mark Twain, who medicates Grant with morphine to help him sleep.

While under the influence of the drug, Grant is visited by the ghost of his father, Jesse, who convinces Grant that his memoirs should include an honest account of his faults and failures. Ulysses agrees and begins work on a no-holds-barred addendum, which includes a plan for reconciliation between North and South, Black and White.

When Twain learns of this, he cuts Grant off from his “potion.” Still Grant completes both versions of his memoirs. On his death bed, he tells Julia to make sure the new version is published. After Grant passes, she makes a fateful decision about his secret memoirs.

With partial support from LARAC, Warren Schultz is producing the world premiere of Grant's Ghost at Hubbard Hall as part of an artist residency in support of local artists. Learn more about Warren Schultz here. Learn about Grant's Cottage here.

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