The New York Neo-Futurists - Infinite Wrench, Saturday, May 14th, 2022 at 7:30 PM *CANCELED*


The New York Neo-Futurists Return to Hubbard Hall! One Night Only! Saturday, May 14 at 7:30pm. 
Adults: $25. Students 18 and Under: $10. 
FREE Workshop at 1:30pm.  Registrations Required!

The Infinite Wrench

“A great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night…. The hardest working theater group in the city right now.”
- Time Out New York

The New York Neo-Futurists return to Hubbard Hall with their hit show The Infinite Wrench! In this show, comprised of 30 plays in 60 minutes, you the audience get to decide what happens next!

The Infinite Wrench is a barrage of 30 short plays the cast attempts to perform within a single hour. Each play offers something different, be it funny, profound, elegant, disgusting, topical, irrelevant, terrifying, or a song. All are truthful and tackle the here-and-now, inspired by the lived experiences of the performers. With new plays every week, The Infinite Wrench is the Neo-Futurists’ ongoing and ever-changing attempt to shift the conventions of live performance and speak to audiences including those unreached or unmoved by traditional theater.


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